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This webpage is a project during the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Course at the University of Regensburg.


On the fly translation

You can enter any text or upload any text file into your Workspace where you can read it without major concerns about vocabulary:
Just take your cursor over any word you cannot recall at the moment and a translation, if available, will pop up.
Also, in order to spare you precious time even if the length of the text could be measured in meters, the calculation takes place direktly when you need it. So don't forget pressing the "show more"-button whenever the page is done.

Language Select

Before starting to work you will need the correct languages to translate from into. Those you can choose on the left side in the navigation bar. Predefined are English, German, French and Latin. Of course, that's not even by far the extend of choices Glosbe, the dictionary this site works with, offers. Therefore you can simply enter the language code instead by choosing type in the select menu.
These are Glosbes supported Languages.
And here you can find Wikipedias collection of the ISO 639-3 language codes used by glosbe, e.g.

  • acx (Arabic)
  • bar (Bavarian)
  • cdo (Chinese)
  • dan (Danish)
  • grc (Ancient Greek)
  • pol (Polish)
  • rus (Russian)
  • sco (Scots)
  • spa (Spanish)

Single Translation

If you want to know some word that does not occur in your text or another form of it is asked for, simply use the translation field static to the left.
In case you forgot to switch the languages, the translation field below will tell you.

Vocabulary Sheet

Several more features will assist you training your text understanding and vocabulary: Create your own Vocab Sheet to save, send, print and take wherever you go.
Any translation, as well in the translation section to the left as in any translation container for a word in the test, is clickable and will directly appear as entry in the vocabulary sheet below. Furthermore it's possible to add your own translation if you found a better one or want to take a note on some specialty. This can be done in any of the translation containern of the text.
Once added you can also remove them individually in case there's no need for the entry or delete the whole list.
When you feel your vocabulary list is long enough for the moment and you want to take it with you, go to the vocab sheet and click the Download-button - your Browser will supply you with a HTML-version of the current collection.


Thanks to all those, who tirelessly assisted me building this page, no matter how discouraging my problems and questions were.
(And of course to those I left without me working on it!)